Thai Style Butternut Squash Soup

After I get home from Thailand, I’m in a bit of a funk because I’m so dearly missing burning my face off at every meal. I miss every breakfast that leaves me in tears, every lunch that forces me to keep a tissue at the ready, and every dinner that leaves my tender lips inflamed….

A Bite of History (and Wonton Perfection)

Hualien has much to love about it with its small town charm, cute night market, and the main tourism draw, Toroko Gorge. But my favorite attraction was a simple, yet perfect, wonton soup. On our first night in this eastern mountainous coastal town, we found Dai Ji’s dumplings through a bit of googling. When we…

Sunshine and Rainbows: A Soup that Brightens a Grey Day

I woke up this morning to the rain and grey and decided it was time to make rainbow soup. Actually, that sounds like it’s from Sesame Street… I woke up this morning to the rain and grey and decided to make zucchini soba. Does that sound classier? I made stock last week (out of pork…

Wednesday Soba

Yellow oyster mushrooms, eggs from down the road, radish, scallion, shitake, tofu and seaweed…all over buckwheat noodles!