Perfect Sunnies

What food is more representative of breakfast than an egg? There are so many ways to cook an egg, but one of my favorites is two eggs, sunny side up.

Molly, founder of Bluebonnet Babies, has been keeping me in the loop of what kind of things are easy for her to cook, while she’s juggling three kids, a house and a business. She recently laughed at herself when she remarked how often “breakfast for dinner” happens at her house. Read about her thoughts on eggs here.


Eggs are a perfect protein and so yummy, so why relegate it to only a morning meal? I think Molly’s use of eggs for dinner makes perfect sense, especially when on top of a burger, some sauteed mushrooms, or part of a kale salad.

They are a super quick part of a meal to cook,  they add healthy fats…and they make any dish look restaurant-fancy!

I suggested that I could show Molly how to make some perfect sunny side up eggs for our new collaborative project, The Dinner Dance. She had never heard of a little trick I do to get the eggs just right.

I learned this trick by watching a woman cook eggs in Sumatra, Indonesia. An Australian friend who had been living in Medan, the capital, invited me around for breakfast. I watched his cook add water to some frying eggs and then cover the pan with a lid. It was so simple and made so much sense, yet I had never seen anyone make fried eggs like that before.

A minute later, she tilted the pan above my plate and two perfect fried eggs slid to a stop in front of me and shined their sunny yolks skywards. It was a mini revelation that has changed how I cook sunny side up eggs forevermore.

My borrowed how-to tip: Drizzle a little bit of water around the eggs, put a lid on the pan, and the steam will cook the yolks without the egg whites getting crispy, like below.

Those browned edges make for chewy eggs. No thank you!

Some people may like rubbery eggs. I prefer luscious eggs.

See the video below for tips on how to get gorgeous eggs.

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