Balmoral Brekky at the Boathouse


On our last day in Sydney, we woke up early to have a quick breakfast before heading to the airport. We were staying in Mosman and had planned to stop in Bondi for breakfast and a last look at Iceberg’s picture-perfect views.

My friend Wayne had recommended breakfast in Balmoral several weeks ago but we hadn’t yet taken his advice. We changed our minds as we pulled out of the driveway and decided to drive down the street to a waterfront restaurant instead of driving across town to Bondi.

We were immensely happy with our decision when we pulled up to the Boathouse. The restaurant is immediately inviting with vibrant flower arrangements and large bowls of citrus at the entry.

Inside is equally as gorgeous. I think an Australian Martha Stewart may have played a role in the decor…



Not only is the Boathouse cheery in vibe, but the food was exactly what breakfast dreams are made of.

I ordered green eggs and ham: 2 poached eggs, a very textured pesto and thick slices of warmed ham atop toasted sourdough bread. This version would make Dr. Seuss proud!


Of course we had a few coffees to prepare us for the 20+ hour journey that lay ahead.


Food in Sydney tends to be great and the Boathouse is no exception. Fresh dishes combined with charming decor plus a view of the harbor equals a perfect restaurant for a morning or afternoon meal.

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