That’s My Jam: Avocado Ice Cream with Strawberry Jam Swirls


Can it be real? Avocado ice cream with strawberry jam swirled throughout? Does that actually taste unbelievably delicious? All fair questions you are probably asking yourself.


The answer is a resounding shout-it-to-the-rooftops “WHOAYEAH”

We each sampled about a half-dozen of Salt and Straw’s creative flavors. I had a hard time making a decision. Usually one or two flavors stand out and I can make a decision relatively quickly, but their brownie/candied nuts/caramel/brittle mix-ins had me confused and greedy. I wanted everything!


But Sam and Cortney had had the avocado ice cream before in Portland and both ordered it, so I followed suit. And it was the best choice I could have made.

After eating too many tacos at Grand Central Market, I was really in the mood for something lighter. The avocado ice cream is almost like a sorbet, both in texture and lightness of flavor–it’s creamy but not rich. The fruity strawberry jam swirled through the ice cream adds the bit of sweetness that the ice cream would be lacking on its own.


Any of the flavors at Salt and Straw would be an excellent option as every ingredient is sourced locally and the combinations are playful.

IMG_0763  IMG_0762

If you happen to find yourself in LA at 240 N. Larchmont Blvd., do yourself a flavor and order a scoop or three.

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