Thai Dessert Sweetness!

This weekend my heart was aching for Thailand and my teeth were aching for something sweet. I wasn’t in the mood for chocolate (I’m not sure how this is possible!) and ice cream wasn’t going to cut it, so I hiked up to Elmhurst to buy some Thai ingredients.

I came home, arms loaded with about 14 bags of heavy produce and dried goods, and marveled at my Asian treasures: palm sugar, coconut milk, pandan and mung beans. These are a few of my favorite things!


When I worked in Bangkok at my favorite restaurant in the world with my favorite chef in the world (Nahm with David Thompson), I learned how to make khanom mor gaeng, or mung bean custard.

I’ve only ever made this in restaurant size quantities (and with fresh ingredients) so I winged it with canned coconut milk and rock-hard palm sugar.

Topped with fried shallots, this combination of creamy sweet cake with salty, crunchy bits on top could be the next salted caramel dessert. Just you wait, NYC…

The result was surprisingly close to what I was hoping for…and my heart and teeth were sufficiently satiated!


More khanom mor gaeng to come…but perhaps next time with taro! Wheee!

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