central america, savor the sabor

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one of the best things i ate in mexico was the cemita from puebla.  i go into much further detail in my other blog http://notfinedining.wordpress.com/2010/05/10/the-tastiest-sandwhich-of-your-life-resides-in-puebla/

it was so good we ate there every day we were in puebla…and i like to explore my options, so you know it’s good if it’s worth a repeat.  and another repeat.

in guatemala, irena and i met up and hopped around a few cities, sampling incredibly light yet rich tamales, pouring salsa on everything (meaning mostly rice, beans and chicken) and climbed a volcano where lava was flowing marshmallowing-roasting distance from us (literally, people had sticks out toasting marshmallows over the molten rock!  nuts!  mmm, roasted nuts would have been a good idea too…).  we scooted over to honduras and made our way for the islands, where every tourist seemed to be getting their advanced or master certification in diving.  i hopped on board and spent a few luxurious days eating island food, listening to reggae, drinking incredibly sweet brown rum and, oh yeah, learning to scuba in the advanced kinda way.  if i hadn’t taken that class, i would have stuck to my budget of $30/day.  instead, that pushed me over to $33/day.  well well worth it.

nicaragua is a draw for the surfer kind of tourist.  i preferred ometepe island- an island that puffed sweet fluffs from the active volcano all day, lending a picturesque

how much?

school buses are painted in bright oranges, greens, reds and blues.  they are used for local transportation and cost very, very little money.  take these buses all over guatemala, down through nicaragua and into mexico.  long trips cost no more than $20, but a short ride is only a few dollars.

sweet plantains, fried fish and salad costs about $3-$5

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