mementos de mexico

last winter i traveled through central american.  i started in mexico and worked my way south to nicaragua.  these clips are all from the first few weeks.  we met an amazing couple from who turned out to be major foodies.  they took me and my friend sam around mexico city wanting to show us their favorite spots for tacos (they differed in their opinions and each vied for our vote after each taco sampling!), churrerias (where we overloaded on sweet fried dough and rich hot chocolate for dipping), breakfast cantinas and even new fruits.  they lead us through markets and had us sample bites of this and tastes of that. and when we were ready to explore on our own, they wrote out food destinations for us that we must visit between our gallery visits and museum jaunts.  we were well plugged into the food scene in mexico. the lucha libre on our last night was definitely a highlight, but unfortunately my camera got confiscated at the door.  i have no documentation of all the spandex wearing, stunt flying masked men nor the swearing kids or even the chili covered chicharrones we inhaled mid scream for our fighter.  mexico was fun.  a huge, sprawling yet easy to navigate city.  and exciting in the mouth.

how much?

first few nights in a hostel in mexico city:  $10/night

few nights with new friends found on free

tacos: anywhere from 2-10 pesos, depending on the size, toppings, cut of meet.  in some bars, you will be served food for just ordering a beer.  as the night progresses and you order more drinks, you’ll wind up having a full meal..on the house!  what a concept.

the subway costs less than $0.30 per ride

bottle of mezcal: about $2

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